To use Sellika, you need to have a WordPress site with AliDropship or WooCommerce installed.

Install and activate Sellika on your store in the Plugins section: go to the Plugins tab in your WordPress admin area. Click the Add New button, then Upload Plugin, choose a zip file to upload, and click Install Now. Then click the Activate Plugin button.

After that the plugin should be activated with your unique API keys. Copy your Public key and go to DashboardSellikaAPI Keys. Paste this key into the Public key field. Then copy your Secret key and paste it into the Secret key field. (Note that you should copy and paste the whole keys including the prefixes 'spub-' and 'ssec-'.) Then click the Activate button.

Note that each API key can be attached to one site only. If you need to transfer your API keys to another domain or to split your subscription into two or more sites, you should send a request to the Sellika support team:

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