It’s no secret that videos are essential to e-commerce and they can enhance customer experience. We’ve created this add-on so you can display explainer videos in the Image gallery. This will help your customers get a better understanding of a product and grow your sales.

  • The add-on is compatible with AliDropship Woo themes (DaVinci Woo, El Greco Woo, Monet Woo, Matisse Woo, Andy Woo);

  • If you've imported products with videos before installing the Video add-on, videos are shown in the Product description area. They be be displayed in the gallery once you active the add-on (i.e. you don't have to re-import these products);

  • Only mp4 videos are supported at this point;

  • Video is always shown after the featured image (i.e. the featured image is the first to show in your gallery, then comes the video), this display order cannot be changed;

The add-on is extremely easy to use. Basically, all you need to do is to manage two fields: Video URL and Video Thumbnail. These fields can be found in your Product settings.

Video link is added automatically to the Video URL field so you can display the video in your Image gallery, not in your Product description. If you want to replace the AliExpress video, just add a link to the video you've uploaded to your Media.

The same works for the Video Thumbnail field. To change the thumbnail, just add another link. That’s it!

The add-on can be found in the list of the recommended plugins in your Woo theme settings (the General tab). In other words, it will be activated automatically when you install the recommended plugins.

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