How do I activate the plugin?

Install and activate Sellika on your WordPress store in the Plugins section. Copy your Public key and go to Dashboard → Sellika → API keys. Paste this key into the Public key field. Then copy your Secret key and paste it into the Secret key field. (Note that you should copy and paste the whole keys including the prefixes "spub-" and "ssec-".) Then click Activate.

How can I transfer my Sellika API keys to another domain?

If you decide to change a domain name, your Sellika API keys should be reset. Please send a request to AliDropship support team, and your keys will be reset shortly, so that you can activate Sellika on your new domain.

Can I install Sellika on two and more sites?

You can use Sellika on as many sites as you wish, but you'll need separate API keys for each one, as each API key can be activated on one site only. If you want to split your subscription into two or more sites, send a request to AliDropship support team to get your additional API keys.

You'll get one general edit counter, and if you spend an edit on one site, it will be seen on your counter on another site.

How can I make sure that the plugin is activated?

As soon as you activate the plugin, you’ll instantly get access to the Sellika options: you'll get the Edit Product Info and Rename Colors buttons in the products and the Create Article button in the categories.

How does the subscription work?

Every month, you will get new 250, 600 or 2,000 edits on your balance, depending on the selected subscription plan.

Can I pause or cancel my subscription?

You cannot pause your subscription, but you can cancel it at any moment clicking the link to subscription options in your API Keys section.

What happens to my products edited by Sellika if I cancel my subscription? Will they disappear?

Your products will remain edited. They will not disappear if you cancel your subscription or delete the plugin.

What is my edits balance (Product Edits Left)?

Your edits balance means the number of times you can click on the Edit Product Info button in the products. You can check your current balance (Product Edits Left) in the top right corner of any product on your site or in the API keys section.

What spends edits from my balance?

Each time you click the Edit Product Info button, you spend an edit from your balance – even if you don’t save changes or click this button in the product which has already been edited.

Clicking the Rename Colors button does not spend edits from your balance, but if your balance is zero, you can use neither of the two buttons.

In the categories, clicking the Create Article button does not reduce your balance.

Generating product reviews does not reduce your balance.

What if I don't spend all my edits until the end of the month?

All edits from your balance will expire. They are not transferred to the next month.

How can I increase my balance?

You can upgrade your subscription plan any time you want. Open the API Key section and click the link at the bottom of the page to get to the Sellika Subscription Options page.

Can I edit products in a bulk?

No, now there is no bulk edit in Sellika, each product should be edited individually.

As per reviews generating, it can be done either for some categories or for all products on your site.

Can I edit the description templates?

You can edit the product and category descriptions that were generated by Sellika. You cannot edit the templates, but you can add your own ones in the Templates section.

Does it matter what Sellika options I use first?

Yes, we recommend using Sellika in the following order: first generate products descriptions. Then generate reviews for your edited products (because reviews include product titles and keywords). Finally, generate categories descriptions (because their templates include reviews).

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