That helpful option can be used in these cases:

  • add another supplier for products that have gone out of stock;

  • add a new supplier to your products and merge different suppliers' products into one;

For example, you found the same product with other variations offered by another supplier. You decided to make your product more profitable by expanding the count of variations.

How it works:

1. Go to the product you want to edit -> Product data -> Supplier section and click '+Add Supplier.'

2. Copy the AliExpress link of a product and paste it (Do not copy information after 'html')

Add supplier

3. Add a link and click 'Save Supplier Info'

4. Then, you will be able to add a new variation or edit existing ones. Go to variations:

*Default supplier - means the original supplier.

5. Save all the changes of your variations and update your product

If you want to delete one of the added suppliers, go to Product Data -> Supplier -> click Trash icon -> save changes:

If you want to reset all changes - go to 'Supplier' and click 'Reset Product':


For any further questions, please contact our Support Team -

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