That useful option can be used in these cases:

  • add another supplier for products that have gone out of stock;

  • add a new supplier to your products and merge different suppliers' products into one;

For example: you found the same product with another variations offered by another supplier. You decided to make your product more profitable by expanding the count of variations.

How it works:

1. Go to the product you want to edit -> Product data -> Supplier section and click '+Add Supplier'

2. Copy the AliExpress link of a product and paste it (Do not copy information after 'html')

Add supplier

3. Add a link and click 'Save Supplier Info'

4. Then you will be able to add new variation or edit existing one. Go to variations:

*Default supplier - means the original supplier.

5. Save all the changes of your variations and update your product

If you want to delete one of the added suppliers, go to Product Data -> Supplier -> click Trash icon -> save changes:

If you want to reset all changes - go to 'Supplier' and click 'Reset Product':


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