Note: Steps may vary from country to country.

1. Go to -> click 'Get started.'

2. Enter and confirm your email address, create a password, select your Country > click 'Continue.'

3. 3.1: Choose your type:

3.2: Select your business type from the drop-down. Enter your business and personal information. Click Continue.

4. Choose how you will take payments. Also, you will be asked about additional features of Square. When complete, click Continue.

5. You’ll be asked to input your personal and business information and answer a few questions to verify your identity.

6. When account is created go to Home Page ( -> eCommerce -> Developer APIs:

6.1 Go to Developer Dashboard:

7. Click 'Create your first application' and provide the name:

8. The Sandbox mode will allow you to test your integration. To accept live payments, you will need to switch to Production mode.

9. Open your App:

In Square Developer switch to 'Production,' go to Locations -> copy Location ID:

10. Paste it in your WordPress admin area:

11. In Square Developer, go to Credentials -> copy Production Application ID and Production Access Token:

12. Paste them in your WordPress admin area:


For any further questions, please contact our Support Team -

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