To help you jump-start your work, we've put together a template – a sales funnel that looks like an article – you can adjust to your needs.

Choose any product you'd like to promote, create a new landing page, and edit the demo content. This template is an amazing starting point for the layout and content of your landing page, and it is fully customizable.

It consists of two pages:

  • Article page (article + banners + comments + calls-to-action)

  • Product page (product info + FB comments + call-to-action + side shopping cart)

Each of these pages has its own exit popup feature. Please note that exit popup technology can only be used on the desktop version of your landing page.


On the first page, there’s an engaging story that comes up with an effective solution to the problem visitors might experience and help them make an informed decision. The page is packed with elements designed to motivate to go further: multiple attention-grabbing banners, call-to-action buttons, solid social proof and a countdown timer. Here’s where you can build interest, address needs and potential worries and drive home your value proposition.


In your header area, you can upload two images. For example, it can be your logo and a trust badge as shown on the demo landing page. Hover over a default image to replace it with your own. To learn how to use the drag-and-drop builder, please refer to this guide.

Content area

Here's where you can add as much product-related information as you want. You can go ahead and use the default article structure (heading, social share buttons, paragraphs, etc.) or add a new content component of your choice. Click the Content tab to see all the elements available for this area.

Double-click the word you'd like to edit and use the text editor to style it.

Call-to-action button

This is the most important component of your landing page. To get your visitors click this button and proceed to the product page, you need to make it attention-grabbing. Use the bright colors and descriptive button text to help your visitors make a purchase decision.

Since in the demo content we don't mention the final price, the button reads 'Apply Discounts & Check availability'. If you have another concept in mind, feel free to edit the wording.

You can have multiple buttons with different wording.


Below the article, you'll find the comments section. These comments are NOT your product reviews. At the moment, you'll need to edit them manually.

Hover over a comment to edit a customer's photo. Use the '+' icon on the right to upload a new image. Check out this guide on where to find customer photos.

Exit popup

The add-on detects when someone is about to leave the page and shows a pop-up window that restates your value propositions and gives your abandoning visitors another reason to stay on the page.

To show the exit popup on your product page, open the Exit Popup tab and enable the corresponding option. Click the Edit button to edit the defaults.

The article page popup duplicates the product information from your Product page. To edit product information, please go to the product settings in your WordPress admin area. Feel free to make changes to the highlighted on the screenshot areas.

The customizable button at the bottom of the popup acts like the Add to cart button and leads to the Checkout page.


So, you’ve already managed to catch your prospects’ attention and convince them that your product is the best solution to their problem. Now you need to get them to purchase from your store. Once your visitor clicks the Apply Discount & Check Availability button, they will be brought to the product page.

The add-on automatically adds -shop to your landing page URL on the second page. For example, if your first (article) page is, your second (product) page will read

This URL part cannot be changed.

The second page features the product you’ve chosen in your add-on’s settings. Apart from the basic elements like an image gallery and product variations, your visitors will see the special bulk discount section and more trust-inspiring product reviews.

Product information

Note that the product information block may look differently depending on whether you have created progressive discounts for this item in your Bulk Discounts add-on or not.

To learn how the Bulk Discounts add-on works, click here. You can learn how to customize the volume discounts section on your landing page here.

Open the Product tab to edit product title, short description in red, and bulk discounts details.

Call-to-action button

The large button blow your product information acts like the Add to cart button. Your visitors will either be redirected to the Checkout page or will see the side Shopping cart. Click the gear icon to edit button colors and copy.

Countdown timer

Under the call-to-action button, here's the countdown timer component. Click the gear icon to set the time period when your timer expires. Text under the timer can be edited right on the page.

FB comments

Hover over a comment to edit the default content. You can replace the default customers' photos, edit review body, change date, number of likes, etc. In the upper right corner of each comment, you'll find the copy and delete icons.

Exit popup

To show the exit popup on your product page, open the Exit Popup tab and enable the corresponding option. Click the Edit button to edit the defaults.

The demo content can be edited the usual way. Hover over the available elements to adjust their settings, drag and drop new components from the Content tab, and edit text. The customizable large button at the bottom of the popup acts like the Add to cart button and leads to the Checkout page.

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