With the help of Product Label add-on you will be able to create custom labels for your Products and easily manage them.

You can order it here.

To install the add-on, go to the Plugins area → Add New and upload the zip file you have downloaded from the Thank you page or from the email you received after the purchase. Click Install Now.

Activate the add-on and your license key.

Go to Product Labels → Dashboard to get started:

  • Select active label groups just by clicking them:

  • Select default position label (you can check it on the Preview as well):

  • Select animation type:

  • Prioritize Product Labels, using Drag-and-drop.

It is necessary to prioritize your Product Labels, as long as your Product may be applied with several Product Labels rules at once (for example, 'Sale' and 'Low Stock'), so you need to choose which Product Label has the highest priority and which will be shown in this case. Only one Product Label can be displayed on a Product at once.

Your Labels can be autoresized to fit product images by enabling this toggle:

Also, you can enable the Show panel toggle to enable the Product Labels Edit Panel right on the frontend of your website, so you can edit how your labels are displayed almost in real-time:

You will find it in the upper-right corner here (visible only for website admins):

You can edit position and animation of a selected Label group from this panel. All changes are immediately visible and can be saved by clicking the Save button in the bottom of this panel:

There are 5 Product Label types: New Product, Sale, Best Deal, Bestseller, Low Stock.

Each Label type has:

  • its own label kit:

  • rule by which a label is automatically applied to a range of Products on your website:

  • customization block:

Let's apply 'Bestseller' Product Label type to some products on a website.

  1. Choose a label from a kit (it is displayed on the Preview once you choose it):

2. Enable this toggle if you want to select position and animation for the current label type:

If this toggle is disabled, position and animation for the current label will be determined by settings in the General section:

3. After you have enabled 'Select position and animation for the current label type' and customized position and animation (or kept 'Select position and animation for the current label type' toggle disabled) of current label, you should apply this label to some products on your website. You can do it:

  • manually (by selecting Products, or Categories):

  • using a rule:

Each Product Label type has its own rule:

  • New Product:

  • Sale:

  • Best Deal:

  • Bestseller:

  • Low Stock:

There are four more features available in Product Labels add-on:

  • Enable/disable discount shields on Home page, Category page and Single Product page. You can do it here:

You can use this feature to enable or disable the discount shields, which are already applied to your Products by AliDropship plugin:

  • You can schedule your Label:

  • Enable or disable Label on Product Page:

  • Also, you can even add your own images as Labels in the Customization section:

To add your custom Label:

  1. Click Add Label:

2. Upload your custom Label file by dragging it into the Upload Image box and click Next:

3. Select the Label Type your custom Label will be referred to and click Next:

4. Choose settings for your custom Label and click Complete:

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