'Import reviews' option allows adding AliExpress buyers' feedback directly to the product pages of your store.

The main article - https://help.alidropship.com/en/articles/2233129-importing-reviews

Here we will explain how to import reviews from an additional supplier. For example, you are selling a product that doesn't have many reviews, then you can find the same product from another supplier and import its buyers' feedback.

Step 1: Choose AliExpress Product URL you want to use as additional and add it in Supplier Section. Go to 'Products' → Choose the main product → Scroll to 'Product Options' → Supplier → Click '+Add Supplier' → Insert the Link and Click 'Add' → Click 'Save Changes' → And update the product.

Step 2: Go to 'Reviews' in 'Product Options' section, then apply necessary settings and choose supplier which you want to use for importing reviews. Click 'Import Now'.


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