'Import reviews' option allows adding AliExpress buyers' feedback directly to your store's product pages.

The main article - https://help.alidropship.com/en/articles/2233129-importing-reviews

Here we will explain how to import reviews from an additional supplier. For example, you are selling a product that doesn't have many reviews, and then you can find the same product from another supplier and import its buyers' feedback.

Step 1: Choose AliExpress Product URL you want to use as an additional and add it in the Supplier Section. Go to 'Products' → Choose the main product → Scroll to 'Product Options' → Supplier → Click '+Add Supplier' → Insert the Link and Click 'Add' → Click 'Save Changes' → And update the product.

Step 2: Go to 'Reviews' in the 'Product Options' section, then apply the necessary settings and choose the supplier you want to use for importing reviews. Click 'Import Now'.


For any further questions, please contact our Support Team - support@alidropship.com.

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