When a visitor is interested in what you have to offer, it is much easier (and more natural) to turn them into a paying customer. This kind of lead generation is crucial to success of any business.

To help you grow your email list and reach your audience, the Lead Generation template integrates with Mailchimp. With the Lead Capture template, you can collect visitors' emails by asking them to provide their email to see final price of the product you're selling. Please refer to this guide to learn more about the Lead Generation template.

How the email capture feature works

You can enable this lead generation option in the Email Popup tab in your builder dashboard. In this case the old product price will be kept hidden until your visitor submits their email.

In short, the email feature works like this:

  1. Visitors who land on your landing page see only strikethrough old price.

  2. When they click the Unlock my special offer button, they see a popup with a signup form.

  3. Intrigued, they enter their email to reveal their special price.

  4. Once the email is submitted, visitors can see the sale price.

This way you can add your visitors to your mailing list and reach out to them through email marketing.

Connect your Mailchimp account

To connect your Mailchimp account, you need to add your API key and Audience ID. You'll find all the necessary information below. To learn more about Mailchimp, feel free to visit its Help Center.

Create an API key

API is an application programming interface that helps different platforms integrate with each other. API keys allow other apps and platforms to access your account without providing them with your password.

If you don't have an API key yet, you can easily create one in your Mailchimp account. At the bottom left-hand corner, click your account icon and select Account.

Click Extras. In the dropdown menu, select API keys.

Navigate to the API keys section. Click the Create A Key button.

Copy your API key.

Paste this API key into the corresponding field in the Email Popup tab of your landing page builder.

Get your Audience ID

Go back to your Mailchimp account to get your Audience ID.

Audiences are lists of contacts to which you send campaigns. If you don't have one yet, please refer to this detailed guide to learn more.

Navigate to the Audience tab → All contacts → Settings. In the dropdown menu, select Audience name and defaults.

In the Audience ID section, you’ll see a string of letters and numbers. This is your audience ID.

Copy and paste it into the corresponding field in your builder dashboard.

Hit the Edit button to adjust the email popup to your needs.

In the popup, adjust the default text to your liking and change button colors to fit your brand style.

You'll find your visitors' emails in your Mailchimp → Audience → All contacts.

Now you can win your prospects back by reaching them through email campaigns.

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