Your WordPress admin area is the place to start creating your first landing page in the Landing Page add-on. Follow along below to start your first page.

To get started, click the Create New button in the Dashboard tab.

Step # 1. Choose a template

To save you time, we've created ready-to-use templates filled with demo content. To get started, choose a template you'd like to build your landing page with. You can edit this demo content to your specifications by clicking to change text, images, and other page elements.

To check how the demo landing pages look, use this link or click the Preview button.

Once you've decided on the template, click the Select button to continue.

Step # 2. Choose a product

The landing pages templates feature only one product.

You can link any product you have in your store to a landing page. See this guide to learn more.

Use the Add Product button to choose an item your landing page will be linked to. Please make sure your product is published and visible to all users.

In the pop-up, use the '+' icon to select your product. Close the window to continue.

Click Next.

Step #3. Give your page a name

This name is for internal use only, so you can easily distinguish the landing page you need in your dashboard in case you have a few of them. Don’t worry – your customers won’t see it.

Step #4. Create an address for your landing page

Next, think what URL you’d like to use with your landing page. This is the web address your prospects will use to visit your landing page. Add a few words that describe your offer best. This URL should give a firm understanding of what your visitors are about to see on this page. For example, it can read like this: Or like this:

Make sure to check this guide to learn how to choose and change your landing page URL address.

Step #5. Start customizing

Your landing page has been successfully created! Now you can go ahead and customize the pre-made template you've chosen to your liking. Click the Start Customizing button to be brought into the front-end drag-and-drop builder.

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