The Text component is super easy to edit in the drag-and-drop builder. You have a wide variety of options for adapting the demo paragraphs or dragging and dropping a new text component. Once your text has been added, you can size it, link it, style it, and more.

Adding text

To add a new paragraph to your landing page, drag and drop the Text component

to the area of the page where you’d like to enter your text. You’ll see a new text block on your page which you can edit. You can use as many text blocks as you want and move them on the page.

To move the paragraph, grab the element and drag it to a different part of the page.

Using the inline text editor

Choose a word or a phrase to edit. You'll see the editing panel. Here you can adjust colors, change font size, underline, align, etc. Hover over the icons to see tooltips.

Click the T↕ symbol to select a different font size in the dropdown menu.

To insert a link, click the corresponding icon.

Add the desired link. Click the tick icon to save changes.

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