In short, the very concept of landing pages boils down to the call-to-action button. This is the action you want your visitor to take on your page. It can be either the add to cart event or a signup to your email campaign. Read on below to learn how to add a button to your landing page and how to edit your button to stand out.

You can use multiple buttons on your landing page and move them inside the content area as you’d like.

Adding a button

To add a button to your landing page, click the button component in your builder dashboard and drag it to the page. Release mouse button to drop the element. The button will appear on your page with options to further edit.

Hover over the element. Click the gear icon to continue.

Editing your button

To change the look of your button, use the color pickers. You should opt for bright colors that are easy to discern on the page.

In the text field, type in your button text.

Depending on a template you use and your goals, link this button to another page. If necessary, make this link open in a new tab when the button is clicked.

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