Images are one of the most significant parts in any landing page. By using the front-end builder, you can add multiple images to your page and tell a great visual story.

To add an image to your landing page, click the image component in your builder dashboard and drag it to the page. Release mouse button to drop the element. The image will appear on your page with options to further edit. Hover over the element. Click the gear icon to continue.

In the left-hand builder, click the plus icon to upload a new image. In the Media window, choose an image. Click the Select button at the bottom right-hand corner to continue.

To upload a new picture from your computer, go to the Upload files tab and click the Select files button. In the pop-up window, select a desired image and click Open. Hit the blue Select button at the bottom-right corner to finish.

To adjust your image alignment, use the one the align buttons in the image settings.

Depending on a template you use and your goals, you can link this image to another page if necessary. In the Sales Funnel template, the second page address ends in -shop. To link your image to this page, copy and paste your landing page URL address in the Link field and type -shop in the end.

To open this link in a new tab, use the corresponding option below.

Although it is optional, we recommend filling the Alt tag field. These tags are used within an HTML code to describe an image. It is important that you add alt tags so that the images you use on your landing page are accessible to visually impaired people and search engines. What you need to do is simply describe what you see in the photo.

To replace the image with another one, use the Change button.

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