For even more impressive performance, the Landing Page add-on integrates with the Bulk Discounts add-on. With this powerful tool, you can make every product a can’t-miss offer and increase the average order value featuring volume discounts on your product page. The more items your customer purchases, the bigger discount they get.

Creating a bulk discounts offer

To get started, click the Create button in your Bulk Discounts add-on settings.

Use the Add button to choose a product to apply these volume discounts to.

In the popup window, click the Add button to select an item you want to promote with the help of this landing pages.

Add discount offers. Click the Save and activate button to continue. Please note that these offers are based on the sale price, not the original one. To learn how the Bulk Discounts add-on works, please refer to this guide.

Showing bulk discounts on landing pages

If you use the two-page sales funnel template, you'll find these volume discounts in the product section on the second page. The Lead Generation template also integrates with the Bulk Discounts add-on in the product info section.

Hover over an offer and click the pencil icon to edit the wording.

In this section, you can also choose what offer to highlight as your best seller. Hover over an offer and click the Default button. To edit the Best Seller label, scroll down to the Best seller label.

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