Basically, the add-on consists of two parts:

  1. General settings you can find in your WP area

  2. The frontend drag & drop builder

In your WordPress admin area you can replace the product linked to your landing page, edit its URL, and adjust SEO settings.


In your Dashboard, you'll find the list of your landing pages.

Page status

Use the Enable landing page switch to manage your landing page status:

  • Enabled = published (everyone can see the page)

  • Disabled = draft (only admins can see the page)


To setup your landing page or customize it using the frontend drag-and-drop builder, click the pencil icon.


You can delete your landing page using the trash icon. Please note that this changes cannot be undone (you won't be able to recover your page)


Click the eye button to check how your page looks. It will open in a new tab.

To create a landing page, go to the Create New tab in your WP admin area.

Landing page product

Here you can change the product your landing page is linked to.

Use the Edit button to change the URL and the trash icon to remove the current product and replace it with a new one. Click the Add Product button.

In the pop-up window, select a new item by pressing the '+' icon. Close the pop-up.


It is important you set up your SEO settings before launching the landing page to get more traffic from queries on search engines. Add an engaging, yet relevant page title and meta description. Upload a featured image – it will be shown when you share the page on social media.

Page title – the 50-60 character page title shown on search engines results page.

Meta Description – the 150-160 character page summary shown on search engines results page.

Social Sharing Image – this image will be shown when you share a link to your store
on social media.

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