You can try this helpful feature to sell several products from different suppliers like one item. For example, you can create your gift box or product package.

E.G., Let's figure out how to create one item from five different suppliers with five separate products:

  1. USB Cable

  2. Micro SD Card

  3. SD Card

  4. USB Flash Drive

  5. Hub

Choose your main product and add all other suppliers to one product

Go to 'Product Option' section → 'Suppliers' section → add one by one all additional products:

Click 'Save Changes' and update your product.

Customize your variation

Go to 'Product Data' section → 'Variations' section → Delete all excess variations from default product → choose one and click '+Add Additional Supplier's Variation' → add one by one all additional suppliers and choose variations which you want to include in one package:

Rename attribute to make it look better:

Click 'Save Changes' and update your product.

Check your front page

Now that package is ready to sell:

P.s.: You can add as many packages as you want:

What will the processing orders with packages look like?

Once you have received an order, you need to process it with AliExpress. Go to 'AliDropship' 'Orders.'

You can place orders either automatically or manually. Click 'Place order automatically' to proceed with processing your order:

Once you have started placing an order, you will see in your WordPress admin area how all your products from the package are added one by one to the cart:

Now you can place your order on AliExpress:


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