You can promote your affiliate links using different methods. It could be blog reviews, Youtube tutorials, posts on social media, or banners on your website.

For example, if you’re running a blog or an account in a social network, it can be:

  • Tutorials explaining how to use the product correctly, and how to benefit from it;

  • Comparisons that explain how this exact product is different from the similar ones;

  • Real-life reviews and testimonials of the people who have actually tried this product;

  • Expert opinions about this product that are left by recognized industry professionals or influencers;

  • Industry news that is relevant to your target audience.

Videos are also can be used as a powerful promotional tool. If you are running a YouTube channel, you can dedicate your affiliate videos to:

  • Product reviews;

  • Comparisons with other products;

  • How-to tutorials;

  • Product shoutouts in general videos.

Do not forget to place your affiliate link in the piece of content you have made:

  • Embed the link to the text;

  • Add the link to the video description on YouTube;

  • Add the link to the posts on social media;

  • Share all links on AliDropship products with your unique affiliate parameter.

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