In the Reviews section, you can generate customers' reviews for the products using different parameters.

System stats

Before you start generating reviews for the first time, click the Import button on the System stats panel to upload reviews database:

When the progress is 100%, the database is ready.


Range dates: if you want to assign definite range dates for the reviews, enable this option and select necessary start and end dates in the calendar.

Apply to: select categories to generate reviews for products. If you do not select any category/categories, the settings will be applied to all products on your site. (Note that Sellika generates reviews only for the products in Published and/or Import List.)

Approved comments: enable this option if you want all reviews to be published immediately, without additional approval.

Products without comments: if you enable this option, the plugin will generate new reviews only for those products in the selected categories that have no reviews yet.

Stars in people name: when activated, this option replaces letters in the names with the asterisks.

Stars from Stars to: select the desired products star rating here. Note that you should select the number in Stars from equal or less than in Stars to (e.g, from 4 stars to 5 stars, or from 5 stars to 5 stars).

Count from Count to: select the desired numbers of reviews per product here. Note that you should select the number in Count from less than in Count to (e.g., from 5 to 7).

To apply changes, use the Save button at the bottom of the Settings panel. If you need to revert to the original settings, use the Set All to Default button.

After you have applied necessary settings, click the Generate button on the Generate stats panel.

Some reviews can include a product title or a keyword. If you have AliDropship Original, make sure that in AliDropship → Settings → SEO → Product page you've got the {{keywords}} tag in the Keywords field:

If you use Sellika with WooCommerce, you'd better edit a product with Sellika before generating reviews for it, otherwise the keyword in the review will be empty.

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