You can choose any URL address for your landing page. The only limitation is that it must not coincide with a page address that already exists on your website. For example, if you already have a product page that can be found on, you must not use the same page address for your landing page.

Some tips on how to create a good page address:

  • It should be descriptive. Make sure your page address is descriptive enough so visitors to your landing page can get a good understanding of what this page is about before arriving to the page;

  • It should be legible. Use hyphens to separate words. It would be hard for visitors to read your page address is words are glued together. So, instead of /plasticcaseforiphone use /plastic-case-for-iphone;

  • It should be concise. To make your store look credible and inspire trust, pay extra attention to the length of your landing page address. There's no need to list all the features and benefits your product offers in the URL address. Keep it short and sweet.

You must have already used this option when creating your product link.

Your domain name is processed by the add-on automatically, you don't need to add it manually. Please note that your page address must contain only letters and numbers. It must not contain such symbols as dots, slashes, etc.

To edit the URL address of your landing page, go to your Dashboard and click the pencil icon.

At the top of the page, click the Edit URL button.

Edit your link. Once you're done, click the OK button.


If you use the Two-Page Sales Funnel, you'll need to update all the links on your landing page.

Please keep in mind that the add-on automatically adds the -shop ending to the second (product) page. This ending cannot be changed.

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