1. Overview

  2. Installing the add-on

  3. Managing the add-on


The Product Slideshow add-on turns product featured images on product listings into a slider with multiple gallery images. With this tool, you'll provide a smooth browsing and shopping experience for your website visitors.

Now instead of viewing a single picture, your customers can quickly scroll through image slider without leaving a product listing page.


The add-on uses images added to the Gallery area in your product settings.

Slideshows seamlessly integrate into all kinds of product listings:

  • Homepage

  • Category page

  • Search results page

  • Additional products on Single product page (‘You may also like’ and ‘Recently viewed’)

Installing the add-on

To install the add-on, go to your WordPress Dashboard → Plugins → Add New.

Upload the zip file. Click Install Now.

Press the Activate Plugin button to continue.

Activate your license key.

Go to the Dashboard tab.

Managing the add-on

To show an image slideshow on your product listings, enable the corresponding option. The Product Slideshow add-on offers two image slideshows to choose from: a slider with multiple images and a 'second image on hover' mode.

Slider with multiple images

Use the Number of images shown in slider menu to select how many pictures you want to show in your slider.

Decide which navigation elements you'd like to use:

  1. Dots

  2. Arrows

  3. Dots + arrows

Depending on the chosen navigation type you’ll see different style options. Use the select menus below to customize the navigation elements (position, shape, color).

Use the Show arrows on hover only (desktop) toggle switch to show these navigation elements only when you hover over a product. Arrows are always visible on mobile devices.

Second image on hover

In your settings area, switch to the 'Second image on hover' mode.

This gallery type does not use sliders. For this reason, there is no navigation either. Visitors will see the first picture of the image gallery when they hover over a product. Long tap on mobile to swap images.

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