The Smart Theme Analytics uses Google Analytics Data API to generate reports. To be able to see stats in your WordPress admin area, you need to create an application. This may seem a bit scary at first, but it won’t take much time. Let’s get started!

Log in to your Google Developer Console.

Select an already existing project or create a new one.

On the project page, click the +Enable APIs and services link.

In the search area, navigate to Google Analytics Data API.

Click the Enable button to continue.

You will be redirected to the Overview page. Click the Create credentials button on the left. Skip the next step by clicking the Cancel button. Click Create credentials instead.

In the dropdown menu, select API key.

Copy your API key and close the window. Paste the copied value in the Settings tab of your add-on.

Next, create OAuth client ID. To do this, click the Create credentials button one more time.

Before creating new credentials, you’ll need to configure a consent screen.

Choose the External user type. Click Create.

Add your app name. This could be anything you want, feel free to type in your domain name. Add your email.

Scroll down the page to add your email address one more time in the Developer contact information section. Google will use this email address to notify you about any changes to your project. Click Save and continue.

To use the Smart Theme Analytics add-on, you don’t need to add or remove scopes. Scroll down the page and click the Save and continue button.

In the third step, you’ll be offered to add test users. Since you create this app for your own usage and won’t have any users access your app, skip the step by clicking the Save and continue button.

Finally, carefully read the summary. If everything looks good, click the Back to dashboard button at the bottom of the page.

Copy your Client ID and paste it in the Settings tab of your add-on.

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