The main idea behind Smart Theme Analytics was to create an add-on that will help you build a perfect website specifically for your audience. With the help of the add-on, you can test different variations of your website sections to find out which one performs best.

To get started, go to the Tests tab of your add-on. Click the Create New Test button.

In the pop-up window, choose the section you’d like to test. Please note that you cannot run two tests with the same section at the same time. We need to follow the ‘one section test at a time’ rule to keep your stats accurate. Click Create Test.

On the test page, use the date picker to choose a start date for your test. It will be launched automatically on the day you scheduled.

Set up how many visitors (traffic) will see each section type. All variants are weighted equally by default (i.e. a visitor has an equal chance of seeing any of section variants).

If you want to direct more, less, or even all of your traffic to a specific variant, you can adjust your variant weights. To do so, use sliders or type in a desired number in the corresponding field.

All of your variant weights must total 100 percent. If they don’t, you’ll see a red warning message. Simply adjust the weights so that they total 100 percent.

Once you’re ready with the settings, save your test as a draft or start your test (it will go live).

In the top right-hand corner, there is a test status badge for your reference.

There are the following Test statuses:

  • Draft. The test is not live and all website visitors see the same section type.

  • Running. You cannot make changes to a running test to keep your stats accurate. To finish your test, click the End & Deploy Winner button. This will end the test and enable the section type that showed the highest conversion rate.

  • Ended. This test is no longer live and stores historical information. Click the View Report button to see test details.

You can monitor a running test or check the results of an ended test using the reporting feature. You can access them using either of the following ways:

  • Click the View Report button on the test details page

  • Click the View Report button on the Tests page

  • Click the Reports tab, choose a section and use the date picker to select a desired date range

Refer to this guide to learn more about reports.

You'll see the full list of your tests in the Tests tab.

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