You can monitor a running test or check the results of an ended test using the reporting feature of the add-on. You can access them using either of the following ways:

  • Click the View Report button on the test details page

  • Click the View Report button on the Tests page

  • Click the Reports tab, choose a section and use the date picker to select a desired date range

On the Reports page, select a theme section you'd like to generate report on.

Each website section has its own list of events. In the drop down menu, select an event you’d like to learn more about. For example, for the header section you can get insights on such events as Top menu item click, Shopping cart icon click, Search icon click, etc. Adjust the dates if necessary.

In Highlights, you can see how many visitors in total saw the section and did the event action you've selected above.

Table is broken down into section types. Here you can learn how different section types perform on the event you’ve chosen above.

Pie chart displays the same information as you see in your table. This is just another way to visualize data.

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