With the Smart Theme Analytics add-on, you can experiments using either of the methods:

  1. Run tests

  2. Autorotate section types

When you run a test, the add-on 'remembers' which section type a person saw and keeps showing the same section to theme each time they visit your website.

The autorotation feature works in a different way. The add-on will show your visitors different section types (e.g. Header type #1, Header type #2, etc.) at chosen time intervals.

To put it differently, everybody who visits your website at 9am will see Header type #1. All visitors who lands on your website at 9pm will see Header type #2.

Go to the Settings tab and scroll down the page to Autorotation Settings.

Enable the Autorotate section types toggle switch. Use the select menu to choose which website sections to rotate automatically. Decide how often you want to change section types: every 3 minutes (this is for testing purposes), every 12 hours, or every 24 hours.

Note that the add-on will not generate reports on autorotating section types.

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