The Landing Page add-on comes with tested and refined templates designed to deliver spectacular results. A landing page template is a pre-built landing page design that you can edit to your specifications by clicking to change text, images, and other page elements. By default, our templates are jam-packed with conversion-oriented elements will give you a jump-start your business deserves and make every product sell.

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Two-Page Sales Funnel

The two-page sales funnel was built with the Attention – Interest – Desire – Action formula in mind to convert interested visitors into paying customers with a long copy.

It consists of two pages:

  • Article page (copy + banners + comments + calls-to-action). This is where you can add an engaging story and come up with an effective solution to the problem visitors might experience and help them make an informed decision. The page is packed with elements designed to motivate to go further: multiple attention-grabbing banners, call-to-action buttons, solid social proof, and a countdown timer. Here’s where you can build interest, address needs and potential worries and drive home your value proposition.

  • Product page (product info + FB comments + call-to-action + side shopping cart). It features the product you've linked to your landing page. Apart from the basic elements like an image gallery and product variations, your visitors will see the special bulk discount section and more trust-inspiring product reviews.

Each of these pages has its own exit popup feature. Please note that exit popup technology can only be used on the desktop version of your landing page.

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Lead Generation

The Lead Generation pre-made template is designed to capture leads to build your email list and sell a product at the same time. The template consists of one page and features one product. It integrates with Mailchimp and the Bulk Discounts add-on.

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Contest / Giveaway

The Contest ready-made template is designed to increase brand awareness by leveraging word-of-mouth marketing strategy and growing your email list at the same time. Contest and giveaways show fantastic results when it comes to going viral on social media. They create a buzz around your brand, inspire interest, and generate leads.

Unlike other pre-made template the Landing Pages add-on offers, the Contest template is not linked to a product. Its main goal is not to sell an item but to get people talking about your brand on social media and collect email addresses.

The Contest template consists of two screens that are stored in one URL:

  1. Contest screen

  2. Entry conformation screen

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Product Sales

When it comes to promoting a product online, a well-designed landing page can make all the difference for the success of your store. With the Product Sales template, you can tell a beautiful product story playing around with colors and visuals.

The template consists of one page and features one product. It integrates with the Bulk Discounts add-on to help you increase your average order value.

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Refer to this help article to learn how to create a landing page that really converts.

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