Wishlist add-on is being currently developed and is compatible with AliDropship Original plugin only yet.

You can purchase Wishlist add-on here.

This add-on adds the wish list feature on your website. Your customers will be able to add products to their wish lists and even receive notifications about these Products.

To install the add-on, go to the Plugins area → Add New and upload the zip file you have downloaded from the Thank you page or from the email you received after the purchase. Click Install.

Activate the add-on and your license key.

First, you should visit the Settings tab and configure Wishlist add-on appearance on your website.

Wishlist button configuration (Select how should the Wishlist button be displayed on your site):

Appearance (Define how the Wishlist button will be exposed on the Product page):

Wishlist page settings (Select Wishlist page options shown to customers):

There are 5 layouts which you can use to display your customers wishlists. You can select one here:

Style 1:

Style 2:

Style 3:

Style 4:

Style 5:

You can also display your wishlist as a pop-up window as well, just select it here:

Wishlist pop-up window:

Also, you can select the launch point placement on your website here:

Add to your header menu:

As a menu item:

As a floating button:

Each customization section has its preview window next to it, so you can track changes you make at once:

When you are ready with appearance customization, you can configure mailing rules for products added to wish lists. Go to the Marketing section:

You can create your own mailing rules basing on three mailing rules types:

  • The product price is down

  • The product is going out of stock

  • The product is in stock again

To create a rule, click the Create Rule button:

Choose mailing rule type, price drop percentage, e-mail subject and a message to send:

After you are ready with mailing rules creation, they will be applied to all products your clients add to their wish lists.

This is how wish list can be displayed on a website:

Note: please pay attention that '_' (underline symbol) is not recommended to be included in Wish List titles. It may result in word wrap issues:

When a customer creates a new wish list, he can choose from 3 types of wish lists, private, shared, or public (this feature is still being developed):

Visit Dashboard to view your wishlists stats:

Please, note, that Wish List add-on notifications will be sent only to users, who have registered on your website and agreed to receive notifications:

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