To create a webstore with the Sezam plugin you will need:

  1. Domain name;

  2. Hosting;

  3. WordPress CMS;

  4. WooCommerce plugin.

1. Domain name

You need to find a domain name for your future web store using such a platform as GoDaddy. If the domain name you want to have is already used, registrars will offer a similar one.

2. Hosting

Server requirements:
a. ionCube activated on your hosting;
b. PHP 7.1 or 7.2+;
c. File size upload limit: min. 16MB;
d. cURL libraries ver 7.58.0 recommended.

Sezam plugin is supported by most hosting providers. You can also consider our hosting solution that is perfectly optimized for WP-based dropshipping stores and comes with a free SSL certificate.

If you using SiteGround as a hosting provider, please note that ionCube works only on PHP 7.2.

We do not recommend using iPage as a hosting provider because it uses outdated cURL libraries (7.22.0) and it is not going to update them in the nearest future.

We do not recommend using basic GoDaddy plans and Managed WordPress plans because activating the ionCube loader on these plans is not possible.

Select among the business plans to avoid issues with the ionCube Loader. You can find more info here.

Multisite Network and Localhosts
Please note, Sezam plugin does not support WordPress Multisite Network and does not work on localhosts.

Cloud and Virtual Private Servers
The Sezam technical support team does not provide free support for cloud servers and virtual private servers (VPS) such as Amazon Web Services.

3. WordPress and
Sezam is a plugin built for WordPress CMS (Content Management System). It means that in order to set up and use the plugin you need to download WP CMS from Sezam plugin does not support and cannot be used with the platform.

Root Directory
WordPress has to be installed in the root directory.

You can check whether your WordPress is installed in the root directory by following these steps:

Go to your website's Dashboard:

From the Dashboard your website URL should look like this:

If your website URL looks like this: means WordPress is installed in a subdirectory. Reinstall WordPress in the root directory, otherwise, you will not be able to authorize your website in the extension:

4. WooCommerce Plugin

Sezam plugin is WooCommerce based solution. WooCommerce is required. You can download it here.

For any further questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with our Support Team through the website contact form

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