How do I activate my license key?

Once you have purchased the plugin, you will receive a notification email with your Sezam license key. To activate it, copy the key and go to Sezam/Alibaba → License. Paste the key into the Your license key field and click the Activate button.

How many websites can I use my license key on?

One license key can be used on one domain name only.

Can I transfer my license key to another domain?

In case you decide to change a domain name, your Sezam plugin license key should be reset. Please forward your request to our support team and your license will be reset shortly so that you can activate it on your new domain.

Why am I unable to activate my license key?

Please check this article to learn how to fix the issue.

For any further questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with our Support Team through the website contact form

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