Before you start, we recommend to configure Google Analytics on your website (in case it is not configured already). This will allow you to review the performance of your ads more efficiently.

You can find out how to configure Google Analytics here:

After you configure Google Analytics and create your Google Adwords account, you can get to start advertising. Click ‘New campaign’:

Choose ‘Get more website sales or sign-ups’:

Choose 'Yes, use info from this Business Profile', or 'No, don't use this info', if you don't need the information from selected Business Profile:

Type in your business name:

Tell Google where people go after they click your ad:

Preview your landing page and click 'Next':

On this step Google will try to detect Google Analytics on your website. In case Google Analytics is not yet configured on your website, Google will offer you to configure it first. You can find out how to configure Google Analytics here:

Though, you can just skip this step by clicking 'Skip for now' and configure Google Analytics later:

Now it's time to write your ad. Click 'Next' when you are ready:

Add keyword themes to match your ad to searches. Click 'Next' when you are ready:

Choose locations where your ad will be shown:

Set budget and duration for your ad:

Review your campaign to be sure it's right. Click 'Next' when you are ready:

Creation of an ad is complete:

All ads go through a quick policy check. This usually takes one business day. After the policy check your ad will be shown across Google according your settings.

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